The beauty and body of the ‘sexy queen’ Sun Mi after gaining weight

Sun Mi is one of the famous female singers with the “skinny body”. She is 1m66 tall but weighs only 40 – 41kg. Sun Mi once shared that her family members have slim bodies and good metabolism, so it is difficult to get fat.
Recently, Sun Mi revealed that she gained a lot of weight (reaching 49kg mark) to be healthy enough to carry out the World tour, starting in North America.
“In the past, because I was busy, my weight was only about 41kg. At that time I was wearing pants that were always wide but not now. I eat well and change my exercise, it helps me weight gain, “Sun Mi said in an interview.
After gaining weight, Sun Mi was praised for her beauty as it reaches its peak. Her face now looks full of life.
Sun Mi’s body also became the focus of attention. Glamorous curves and long long legs are the “weapons” to help her be called the “sexy queen” of the new generation.
Stylist also often selects tight-fitting outfits to help Sun Mi get fit. Although slender, the body of a beauty in 1992 was still in the right place, making her extremely fiery when wearing short performances and bundles.
Some comments on Pann: “Sun Mi used to be on a diet so she found she gained weight and was happy”; ” Sun Mi is not easy to gain weight, gaining 8kg is a great success”; “In any case, Sun Mi is beautiful”; “It’s an 8kg increase and still only weighs 49kg, it must be a few more kilograms to be perfect”; “Sun Mi performed the peak but because of her weak health, she didn’t sing well and was short of breath, sometimes collapsed after the stage. Weight gain not only helped her look better but also helped her not to be exhausted at the performance anymore “…
Sun Mi is one of the most popular female solo artists today thanks to both talent and talent. Divine charismatic sexy style of her is called “rare” in Kpop. She has just released Noir single on March 4 but did not promote at weekend music shows.
Besides music activities, Sun Mi is also a popular advertising face. She constantly appeared in fashion magazines and was favored by many brands.
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