The battle of heart-shaped lips between TWICE’s Nayeon and EXO’s Xiumin

It’s amazing just to imagine that there is a heart on one’s face. The two to be mentioned here are TWICE’s Nayeon and EXO’s Xiumin. They both make the fans go crazy when showing their smile. It’s because that their mouth will have heart-like shapes. Dispatch has gathered images of both Nayeon and Xiumin when they smile.

The first one is TWICE’s Nayeon.

Her gorgeous heart-shaped lips
A heart signal, bump bump
Can you find out triple heart?
Everyone seems to fall in love with this smile

The next one is Xiumin from EXO.

His lips turn heart-shaped whenever he smiles
His beauty with no dead angle
You can see his heart-shaped lips even when looking from this side
His brilliant smile

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