“The ballad prince” Roy Kim officially presented to the police for filming sex clips

After sneaking back from New York to Korea at 4:20 am on April 9 to avoid media attention, Roy Kim was finally at the Seoul City Police Department at 2: 40 this afternoon (local time) as a suspect of distributing illegal sex clips. Recently, Roy Kim was found to be a member of Jung Joon Young’s sex chat group and accused by the police.

Before entering the investigation office, the singer responded to the media: “First, I want to send a sincere apology to the fans for supporting me and apologizing for making the family and Koreas worried, I will follow the investigation process with the most honest attitude.” When asked if he filmed sex clips by himself and asked about the nicknames for drugs in chatrooms, Roy Kim was determined to remain silent. Roy Kim’s apologetic face caught the attention but the crowded reporters were the shocking factor. This shows that the accusation this male singer faces is equally seriously of his close friend Jung Joon Young.

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