The appearance of the late actress Choi Jin Sil’s son as a contestant on Show Me The Money 10 attracts attention

Last year, Choi Hwan Hee – the son of the late actress Choi Jin Sil made his solo debut and is currently rumored to be competing on “Show Me The Money 10”.

On September 18, Mnet released a teaser for season 10 of the hit show Show Me The Money. This year’s program attracted a large number of registered contestants, promising to have extremely intense rap battles. At the end of the teaser, some details revealed by Mnet have become the focus of netizens’ attention.

Earlier, on social media, rapper Z.flat (Choi Hwan Hee) – the son of the late actress Choi Jin Sil was rumored to join the show. Although Z.flat’s face is not shown in the teaser, the scene of the judges looking down in sadness and not being able to hold back tears near the end of the teaser seems to be a confirmation that the son of the late actress will join the show. Judge Yuma lowered his head and burst into tears. Rapper Gray choked and said, “This is a drama that I don’t have the courage to get involved in”, and WINNER’s Mino said, “I can’t say anything”. Immediately after, the appearance and all information about Choi Hwan Hee has taken over Korean social media.

Judge Yumdda shed tears
The other judges look upset. This seems to confirm that…
…the rumor that the late actress Choi Jin Sil’s son will appear on SMTM 10 is true

Choi Hwan Hee was born in 2001, the first son of the actress Choi Jin Sil and her ex-husband Jo Sung Min. The male rapper went through many tragedies in his life. When he was only 3 years old, his parents divorced. His mother committed suicide when he was 7 years old. His uncle passed away when he was 9 years old, and his father took his own life when he was 12 years old. Choi Hwan Hee and his younger sister Choi Joon Hee are both taken care of by their grandmother. 

Last year, Choi Hwan Hee officially made a solo debut, using the stage name Z.flat. He turns 20 years old this year. Choi Hwan Hee has surely grown up well. He has a bright and handsome appearance with impressively sharp eyes. Many fans commented that the male rapper’s face has a cinematic vibe, similar to his famous mother and uncle. Many netizens believe that if he could make it far in Show Me The Money 10, it would be a huge turning point in the career of the famous actress’s son. 

Choi Hwan Hee debuted as a soloist last year, with the stage name Z.flat

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