The anguished life of Choo Ja Hyun: Her mother damned her for dying, almost lost her life because of her child, knelt down to propose to the adulterous husband

After Yu Xiaoguang’s adultery scandal broke out, Chinese netizens took up Choo Ja Hyun’s prior interviews and couldn’t help feeling sorry for the fate of this “Korean sex goddess”.

Today, the Chinese entertainment industry was shocked by the affair scandal of actor Yu Xiaoguang, the husband of “Korean sex goddess” Choo Ja Hyun. Used to be an ideal Chinese-Korean couple, now their marriage is facing unpredictable storms.

The anguished life of Choo Ja Hyun: Her mother damned her for dying, almost lost her life because of her child, knelt down to propose to the adulterous husband

In the midst of the drama, the keyword “Choo Ja Hyun’s family background” suddenly jumped to #1 of Weibo’s hot searches. The media and fans are twisting her prior interviews round where the Korean beauty shared about her miserable life before, feeling sorry about Choo Ja Hyun for her difficult life of many sorrows.

Choo Ja Hyun was born in 1979 in an ordinary family. The beauty surprised many people when she confessed that she used to be in agony that her parents divorced when she was young, then her father married another woman. Choo Ja Hyun also had a little sister but died from drowning. The actress’s mother was in so much pain that she was putting all her anger on her. Every time Choo Ja Hyun did something wrong, she would curse that the person who should have died should be her, not her sister.

In the family, Choo Ja Hyun also has grandparents, but with the thought of favoring boys to girls, they did not love and care about the actress since her father was the only one of the 7 siblings in the family who did not have a son. Later, going to China alone, without relatives or friends, Choo Ja Hyun spent a long time by herself. She shared that she loved acting because that was when everyone was together, she was no longer feeling lonely.

Talking about a sad memory, “Korean sex goddess” shared: “In 2006, I received countless awards for acting in a movie then came back home, no one was waiting for me. I sat motionless on the sofa, alone, for 1 hour”.

At the time of giving birth to her first son, Choo Ja Hyun was 39 years old. Because of her pregnancy at an advanced age, after giving birth, the actress had seizures, pneumonia and almost lost her life, had to stay in the ICU, the recovery room for a long time.

At her wedding held in 2019, Choo Ja Hyun spent her entire speech thanking actor Yu Xiaoguang: “You don’t know how grateful I am to you. Far from home, alone in a strange country, you are the one who gave me energy. Yu Xiaoguang, thank you for being my dear, always supporting me, not leaving me alone, making me laugh. Being with you lifelong is still too short for me.”

Then, the actress knelt down to propose to her husband: “If there is an afterlife, would you still want to marry me?” Yu Xiaoguang burst into tears, went to his wife, and wore the ring on her hand.

However, after so much hardship, while she should have received a lifetime of happiness, Choo Ja Hyun received tragic news today (July 15), when the paparazzi “captured” the scene of her husband Yu Xiaoguang cuddling, leaving a young girl sitting on his lap after having fun at the bar. Fans are extremely shocked and giving many comforting words to the Korean actress. Until now, Yu Xiaoguang has not spoken about this incident. 

Source: K14