The 4th generation Kpop idol groups show their ability to sing live very well

These groups are considered to have the top live singing skills of Kpop 4th generation idols.

Because many 3rd generation groups are still very strong, the 4th generation Kpop concept has not yet received the consensus of all fans.  However, many opinions suggest that the 4th generation appeared in 2018 when Kpop gradually reached out to the world, and groups that debuted from this period onward possessed formidable talents like their seniors.

Recently, Korean netizens discussed the live singing ability of 4th generation idol groups. The most mentioned names include TXT, Stray Kids, ATEEZ, ITZY, and STAYC.  Their common point is that their career age is not high, but their ability to sing live is good, even better than their seniors in the same company.


 TXT debuted in early 2019 and quickly demonstrated a stable live singing ability from the debut song.  They used to suffer from music problems but still handled the situation extremely well and sang their best.  The strength of the BTS “younger brother” group is fitness.  The members can sing and dance without being exhausted or out of breath, and they have improved over time.

In particular, Big Hit does not assign the official position of TXT, so the group does not have a main vocal.  This shows that the 5 boys can complete all roles.

Stray Kids

 Stray Kids is considered a multi-talented group because they can compose and chore themselves, and also possess impressive live singing skills despite having debuted for more than 2 years.  Stray Kids’ music is relatively difficult, the choreography is complicated, but the 8 boys still sing live “as pre-recorded”.

On stage, the group sings loud and clear, good physical strength also helps them not lose breath when performing songs with strong rhythms.


 ITZY just debuted in early 2019 but their live singing ability is not inferior to any senior.  No matter how difficult the choreography is, the vocals of the majority of the members are still stable. The main vocal Lia is the person with the weakest physical strength but also gradually improves over time.

In particular, ITZY shocked the audience when they sang live in the dance practice video to the song “Not Shy”.  Other groups normally focus on choreography.  This made some netizens evaluate the group’s live singing skills better than TWICE. 


 Many people admire ATEEZ’s extreme dancing skills but forget that the group has the same ability to live well.  The 8 boys from KQ Entertainment are famous for being able to sing well on stage despite their powerful music and complicated choreography. 


 STAYC is the “youngest” rookie in the 4th generation idol group because it just debuted in November 2020.  However, they gained the public’s affection thanks to their extreme singing skills. According to Black Eyed Pilseung – the producers of the group, STAYC members can stand out from their looks to their voices. 

As a rookie, STAYC excelled at singing live.  Their first stages all left a good impression because the members have good vocal control, there are even people who sing as well as the main vocal.

Sources: theqoo

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