The 4 most ridiculous dating rumors that BTS has ever encountered

V is rumored to be dating Joy (Red Velvet) because of a … fanmade photo, the netizens suspect that there was something going on between Ji Min and Jeong Yeon (Twice).

1. Ji Min – Jeong Yeon (Twice)

Rumors of Ji Min dating Jeong Yeon surfaced in 2017 when netizens discovered that the two were always … awkward when they met. During an interview on Music Bank, BTS sang a piece of Spring Day, and Twice also clapped their hands in support of them. Things got funny when Jeong Yeon sang along to the BTS song, causing Ji Min to glance at her with a “puzzled” expression.

At another time, Jeong Yeon also showed an uncomfortable expression when she saw Ji Min appear on the screen at the backstage of Music Core. Many netizens said that the two were in a relationship, and broke up when Ji Min became an idol. That might also be the reason they feel awkward every time they meet. Meanwhile, many fans find this rumor ridiculous because the two idols clearly did not even know each other.

2. V – Joy (Red Velvet)

In 2015, a Korean newspaper made the fans confused when reporting that V (BTS) was dating Joy (Red Velvet). However, the article did not show any specific evidence or sources. Instead, they uploaded a… photoshopped picture of V and Joy which was edited by the shippers of the two. The fans really had a good laugh and asked the reporter to be careful with fanmade photos.

The 4 most ridiculous dating rumors that BTS has ever encountered

3. Jin – Lee Guk Joo

In 2014, Jin was involved in a dating rumor with … comedian Lee Guk Joo. Specifically, Lee Guk Joo revealed in a TV show that her ex-boyfriend is a trainee who is 6 years younger than her, tall and very handsome. Meanwhile, Jin also often mentioned Lee Guk Joo as a close friend. This relationship has made the netizens believe that something is going on between the two of them. This rumor has caused controversy because Jin and Lee Guk Joo have a large difference in appearance. While Jin is young and handsome, Guk Joo is older and has a rather chubby body. However, Lee Guk Joo later denied the rumors and said that her boyfriend wasn’t debuted yet.

The 4 most ridiculous dating rumors that BTS has ever encountered

4. RM – Hwasa (Mamamoo)

From 2019, Hwasa and RM started being shipped by many fans. Some rumors suggest that the two are dating or that RM is trying to flirt with Hwasa. The rumor stemmed from RM’s “suspicious” reaction to Hwasa’s performance at the Golden Disk Awards in January 2019. RM made the fans notice something suspicious when he showed an excited expression but still tried to remain calm when watching Hwasa’s solo stage. At MAMA 2019, RM was also “caught” by the camera when he was laughing with excitement while watching Hwasa’s performance. Meanwhile, BTS fans believe that this is just bullshit rumors from “paranoid” shippers.

The 4 most ridiculous dating rumors that BTS has ever encountered

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