The 2018 MGA’s tickets sold out in 1 second! “An expected explosion”

Tickets for the 2018 MGA (MBC Plus X Genius Music Awards) that present a new formula for the K-POP Awards have been sold out.

On October 18th at 6PM, tickets for the 2018 MGA, which was opened on the online reservation website, were all sold out within one second of the start of the reservation.

Even though this year is the first time the ceremony is held, there is a lot of interest in ‘2018 MGA’ that can be shown in the high-speed sales.

The music award co-hosted by MBC Plus and Genie is drawing much attention in that it is the first ever event for a broadcasting company and a music platform company.

As the nation’s top idols such as BTS, WANNA ONE and TWICE have already participated in the event, many special foreign artists will participate in the event such as popular singer from the U.S., Charlie Puth. Therefore, more attention has been raised.

Meanwhile, the “2018 MGA,” a global K-POPl award ceremony, will be held on November 6th in Incheon, a global hub city that is easy for fans at home and abroad to access.

Also, many netizens expressed their desire to meet BTS through various social and portal sites:

“I want to see BTS,”

“BTS let’s get the Daesang!,”

“Is it possible to meet Jungkook since Charlie Puth will come?”

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