The 2009-2019 challenge shows that K-Stars are forever young

When Korean stars participated in the “2009-2019 challenge”, it made people feel more frustrated because they found K-Stars younger and more beautiful.

“10-year challenge” or “2009-2019 challenge” is becoming a hot trend. Because the way of participation is so simple, just put your two photos side by side, one was taken in 2009, one is taken in 2019 to see how you’ve changed after 10 years. And when watching the “10-year” challenge of Korean stars, everyone was startled to realize that the famous people of this country have magic to freeze time. They even get younger than before.

In 2009, Yoona had her first leading role in the drama, You are my destiny. On that day, Yoona stood out with a pure innocent face. Now, Yoona still remains the position of “K-Pop beauty”, no matter how many female idols debut.
Still these familiar eyes, but Yoo Seung Ho’s smile in 2019 version looks more radiant and attractive than it used to be.
Does anyone recognize Lee Seung Gi who is not aging and getting younger and more handsome? 2009 photo was when Seung Gi played the rich guy in the movie Shining Inheritance.
Han Hyo Joo ten years ago was lovely, now she is even more feminine.
Jung Il Woo, what have you eaten that after 10 years, there aren’t any wrinkles?
In 2009, Park Shin Hye was popular throughout Asia with the movie You’re Beautiful. Park Shin Hye has now reduced her innocence and her radiant beauty has also increased.
Hyun Bin is a typical example for the phrase “with age comes wisdom”. Hyun Bin does not grow old and even more masculine than before.
Park Hae Jin does not change much after 10 years, always a handsome man of K-Biz.
Lee Dong Wook version 2019 is clearly younger than ten years ago. Part of it is because he no longer has a beard.

Source: Hoa Hoc Tro

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