The 15-year-old idol caused controversy when appearing in the top 7 beauty born to be the center

Jang Won Young made many people feel uncomfortable when being compared to the top beauty such as Irene, Hani, Na Eun, etc

Insight published a list of the seven Kpop goddesses with outstanding beauty born to stand in the center of the group. In the list are many popular names such as Irene, Seol Hyun, Hani, Ji Soo, etc. However, Jang Won Young (IZ*ONE) caused a lot of controversy when appearing in the top. Many opinions are that she is not prominent and even not worthy to stand beside the seniors.

Irene (Red Velvet)

The name Irene is always a hot topic on Kpop forums. She was praised for her perfect appearance at every event. Since debut, Irene has always been the most popular member and the most respected member of Red Velvet.

The SM family received countless personal ads just by appearance. If you choose the center only by face, Irene is ranked first in the center of the Korean girl group.

Seol Hyun (AOA)

Seol Hyun has a cute, seductive look and is the visual of AOA. After losing weight, the singer’s body became a dream of women. Her tanned skin and sexy legs help Seol Hyun stand out in the forest of idols. She is also considered Suzy’s rival in the field of advertising.

Seol Hyun is not only beautiful but also devoted to attending the event, taking pictures. She works hard from singing, acting, acting as an MC. Seol Hyun impresses people with her high popularity that is long lasting and not just transient.

Na Eun (Apink)

Na Eun’s popularity has never diminished despite her being questioned over having cosmetic surgery and being criticized for acting. She has a combination of a cute face and a sexy body, is considered “the queen of leggings pants”.

If Na Eun participated in any live show, it would certainly be ranked high thanks to her excellent visuals with many concepts. Na Eun’s center location is unquestionable even though the group has many beautiful members.

Won Young (IZONE)

Jang Won Young is only 15 years old, but has a face, body and idol standards. She was voted to be the center of IZ*ONE. However, Won Young’s role is controversial. It is said that the singer is not worthy, Sakura is the person who attracts the most attention in the group. Jang Won Young is beautiful, but her beauty is not prominent in the forest of idols in Kpop.

Won Young’s strength is youthfulness. In the next 10 years, she will be 25 years old, the most brilliant age of an idol. Therefore, the IZ*ONE member has plenty of time to prove her charm and potential.

Ji Soo (Black Pink)

Although Jennie is the favorite of BLACKPINK, Ji Soo’s beauty makes it hard for fans to let go. Even the other 3 girls chose Ji Soo as the group’s visual. If she had debuted in any other group, the female singer would have easily had the center position because of her outstanding appearance.

The YG girl is cheerful, dynamic and even easy to express the girl crush on the stage. Fans continue to urge the company to invest more in Ji Soo, to avoid wasting her beauty.

Tzuyu (Twice)

Tzuyu’s appearance has been prominent since she was a trainee at Sixteen. She is the “weapon” that helps Twice attract media and new fans every time she appears. Tzuyu is a familiar name in the Kpop beauty charts.

TWICE is a group of beauty, but Tzuyu is always in the most prominent position, there are “holy” scenes on the stage.

Hani (EXID)

Hani is famous for her sexy fancam and she becomes a K-pop phenomenon in one night. She has charisma on the stage, but is very lovely and friendly in the real life.

The EXID member is always hot when her beauty is more and more outstanding. She is not only the goddess of male fans but also the top girl crush in Kpop.

Source: vnexpress

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