The 10 best debut songs of Kpop boy groups voted by fans: Stray Kids can’t surpass Wanna One and GOT7

StarPlay has announced the results of voting for the best debut songs of Kpop boy groups. Let’s see if your favorite group can make it to the top of the chart.

It’s not like every K-pop boy groups that just debuted can be successful with the first song they release. However, most of the debut songs always play an important role in introducing the group’s identity to the public. Therefore, it has been carefully selected by the company and has long-term meaning in the career of each group.

Recently, the popular app for Kpop fans – StarPlay (commonly known for voting ‘The Show’) held a poll to find the best debut song of Kpop boy groups. From July 13 to July 27, the poll took place with the prize for the winning song being a promotional post in the media. Below is the ranking of the top 10 songs with the most votes.

10th: ONEUS – ‘Valkyrie’ (22,629 votes)

9th: NCT U – ‘The 7th Sense’ (44,849 votes)

8th: TXT – ‘CROWN’ (48,925 votes)

7th: CIX – ‘Movie Star’ (63,846 votes)

6th: ASTRO – ‘HIDE&SEEK’ (85,825 votes)

5th: MONSTA X – ‘Trespass’ (134,436 votes)

4th: Stray Kids – ‘District 9’ (172,883 votes)

3rd: AB6IX – ‘Breathe’ (356,358 votes)

2nd: GOT7 – ‘Girls Girls Girls’ (486,113 votes)

1st: Wanna One – ‘Energetic’ (589,890 votes)

Thus, Wanna One’s ‘Energetic’ was chosen as the ‘best debut song of a K-pop boy group’. The song has a total of 589,890 votes, accounting for about 29.41% of the total votes. This is a song produced by Hui (PENTAGON) and Flow Blow; composed by Wooseok and Hui (PENTAGON).

The 10 best debut songs of Kpop boy groups voted by fans: Stray Kids can't surpass Wanna One and GOT7

This is one of the best boy group’s debut songs in recent times. It topped 6 major digital music charts including Melon, Genie, Bugs, Mnet, Naver, and Soribada – achieving an all-kill in real-time. In addition, “Energetic” also reached the top of the Gaon Digital chart and became Wanna One’s first single to sell over a million copies in Korea. Moreover, in the US, the song also reached #6 on the Billboard World Digital Songs chart.

And you, which song do you think is the best debut song of a Kpop boy group?

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