Thanks to their concert ticket sales, TWICE can now date freely

JYP only allows artists who can fill 10.000 seats in 1 concert nights to date freely.

On June 5th, Jin Young (GOT7) appeared as a guest on “Radio Star”. The male idol excites everyone by revealing their agency’s dating rules. He said: “Our agency only allows an artist to date if that artist can fill 10.000 seats at 1 concert”. Jinyoung also confirmed that GOT7 still haven’t reached this number yet.

Jinyoung revealed JYP’s new dating rules.
Jinyoung revealed JYP’s new dating rules.

Before this, JYP has had a dating ban which forbids idols from dating in their first 5 years after debut. However, Park Jinyoung CEO has lessened it down to 3 years because no one followed this rule. Recently, this agency has come up with a new way to control its’ artist love life.

TWICE benefits the most from this new rule. Ever since 2018, they have already filled up arenas with the capacity of 15.000 to 20.000 seats in Japan. TWICE’s dome tour is approaching soon with 50.000 seats at each arena. This JYP girl group is currently the record holder of concert ticket sales among the 3rd generation female artists.

TWICE always attracts lots of audience to their concert.
TWICE always attracts lots of audience to their concert.

In the comment section, netizens said,“This means that TWICE can now date freely”, “This number is too easy for TWICE”, “So if an artist is unpopular, then that person is not allowed to date?”, “GOT7 has done so well and it’s time for them to be allowed to date, let them free”,…

However, many also said that this rule is to help the rookies focus more and try harder during their promotion period. This rule might affect ITZY – a few-month-old rookie – more than other senior artists of this agency.

Sources: iOne

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