Thai television cited Lisa hate comment, K-netizens admitted discrimination against Southeast Asia

The reaction of Korean netizens when the incident of Lisa was reported by a Thai television channel, accompanied by a commentary photo on the Nate forum page.

The contempt and racist discrimination against Lisa after the appearance of the female idol at GDA 2019 is still a topic of great interest. The #RespectLisa hashtag has become a popular trend on social networks, which in turn made people look back at the ugly racism in K-pop.

Thai television cited Lisa hate comment, Knetizens admitted discrimination against Southeast Asia
Thai television cited Lisa hate comment, Knetizens admitted discrimination against Southeast Asia

In Korea, foreign idols are more disadvantaged than native idols, especially those from Southeast Asia, so Lisa’s case is just a drop of water denouncing injustice that has been present all this time. Recently, the Thai television channel One31 reported on Lisa’s incident, accompanied by a photo of the comment on the Nate forum page in both the Korean version and the English version. This immediately attracted the attention of the netizens from this country.

This news is also captured by Korean netizens and posted on social networks, on theqoo the users comment:

-There are so many ignorant people boiling, they’re going to justify racism with all sorts of excuses, they think that they’re allowed to do anything those f*ckers

  • Seeing 800 people upvoting that comment, I just lost my wordsㅠㅠ
  • Just admit that it’s true that Koreans are racist against SEA. It’s not “just a small thing” there are 800 people who upvoted that comment, it shows how severe this issue is
  • Our country’s people are so shameless in their racism against SEA ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • I’m a Lisa fan and I even see those racist comments against SEA on Theqoo too, they’re full of BS and there are f*cking lots of them. If they received a racist treatment from a white person, they’d be boiling, yet they so easily give racist treatment against SEA ㅋㅋ
  • That’s obviously racism sighㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ If they were the ones being discriminated against, they’d start calling others “uncivilized”
  • Don’t we all get riled up over a right wing Japanese being racist to Koreans? Thailand are the same. You guys don’t know how to wear other people’s shows. There are lots of racist comments against SEA under BP’s articles. I’m not BP’s fan but even I’m feeling attacked
  • People are seriously so reckless with their racism against SEA. Not only Nate but every day. They always go SEA this SEA that as if it was not a big deal. The racism is so severe
  • If you’re going to be racist, of course you’re gonna get sworn at
  • Don’t we all know that Nate is trash? Why are you surprised?

Sources: kclive, pann-choa

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