Taeyeon the tattoo mania caught people’s eyes for having another ‘invisible’ new tattoo on her index finger

Girls Generation’s member – Taeyeon is catching people’s eyes with her new tattoo on her index finger.

Recently, a tattooist released a video on her Instagram account saying “Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s UV tattoo.

In the video, Taeyeon’s index finger seemed to have nothing on it but once it was put under the UV lights, a luminous tattoo appeared.

The UV tattoos, also called “neon tattoos”, are usually invisible, but will shine only under the lighting primarily used in clubs or bars.

In fact, Taeyeon who is called a mini tattoo mania has many tattoos like those.

She has a lot of tattoos such as a little Pisces symbol which is her Zodiac sign behind her ear, her first solo song title ‘I’ on her thumb and another solo song ‘Fine’ as an ‘F’ on her middle finger. There is also a small tattoo on her elbow and one behind her neck.

On the other hand, Taeyeon’s recently released a single called ‘Four Seasons’ which performed well on various music charts. She also announced that ‘Chuncheon train’ – a song that she had performed on ‘Monthly Yoon Jong Shin’ – will be released in May.

Source: nate

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