Taecyeon (2PM) once met a fan who broke into his hotel room while he was sleeping naked

Taecyeon’s story once again angered netizens at the madness of sasaeng fans.

The concept of sasaeng fans (crazy fans) is no longer unfamiliar to Kpop fans, especially when the stories become increasingly overwhelming and have a direct impact on the artists. Taecyeon (2PM) recently opened up about a time when he had to confront international sasaeng fans in person. Despite the fact that the story took place a long time ago, it must still be an unforgettable memory in his mind.

On the show “Knowing Bros” aired on the evening of July 3, Taecyeon shared his story when he accidentally had to “encounter” a crazy fan right at the hotel.  

Taecyeon recalled: “That was when we were on tour in Singapore. It was really a situation that made anyone panic, right at the hotel where I was staying. Chansung and I were arranged in the same room. Because we both like to sleep naked, so that night, Chansung and I went to bed without a piece of cloth.”

And the incident really happened right after Taecyeon and Chansung went to bed.  He shared: “I was just falling asleep when I heard someone use a card to open the door of the room. And then a woman’s voice sounded, they started coming in. There were about 5 or 6 people or something”.

At first, the male idol just thought that the group above went to the wrong room.  However, it turned out that things were not so simple.  Taecyeon confided: “It seemed like this group of people knew we were in the room. Actually at that time, my heart was beating really fast. When the group of people approached the bed, we looked at each other face to face and it was really hard to say anything.”

Taecyeon and Chansung were quite confused when facing the crazy fans: “Because they’re not Korean, we decided to have a duel with them in English. And they argued against us too. Anyway thank god they’re not ghosts, but humans.  I informed the hotel staff and they sent us a bottle of champagne as an apology gift.”

After that, Taecyeon wittily sent a message to the hotel: “Champagne is delicious, we like it very much. Thank you”.

Immediately after the above story was shared, netizens were quite angry at the incident that Taecyeon encountered.  Once again, the story of sasaeng fans was “dug up” and created a wave of anger among fans.  

Another time, Taecyeon received a blood letter from a sasaeng fan.

Some comments from netizens:

  • The story is terrible but Ok Taecyeon’s narration is like a comedy.  But if it were me, I’d figure this out and not just have a one-on-one fight. He even said the champagne was good.
  • Imagine two men lying naked arguing with  sasaeng fans. 
  • The sasaeng of the 2nd generation idol is something terrible.  They hid under the bed, hid in the bathroom (in idols’ own houses), broke into the idols’ bathroom, sent used tampons and went to the idols’ houses in the middle of the night, etc.

Source: K14

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