T-ara former member Han Ah-reum sobbed as she mentioned her decision to divorce her husband, who always ignores her

Han Ah-reum, a former member of girl group T-ara, is considering a divorce because of her husband’s harsh words.

Ahead of the official broadcast, TVing’s original show “Between Marriage and Divorce” released a teaser video of Han Ah-reum and Kim Young-geol, who are on the verge of divorcing, on May 18th.

In the released teaser video, Kim Young-geol showed regret over his marriage, saying, “Why did I get married?”, “When I don’t want to see her anymore…”. Han Ah-reum also confessed about their fight, saying, “I think his real face has been revealed”, adding, “He talks to me in a more frustrating way”.

The couple’s daily life was then shown. In response to Kim Young-geol, who called her “Hey” instead of “You”, Han Ah-reum expressed her dissatisfaction, saying, “Don’t call me like that”.

Kim Young-geol then said, “Then you should talk nicely, too”. Han Ah-reum angrily talked back, “Even when others say the same thing, you should watch your words. What’s the point of marrying you if you were to do this to me?”

Upon hearing his wife’s complaint, Kim Young-geol responded, “Then go live with others”, upsetting Han Ah-reum again.

Kim Young-geol told Han Ah-reum, “Go read the news. Do you know things happening in this world? I can’t talk with you because you know nothing”. Because of her husband’s rude words, Han Ah-reum expressed her disappointment

However, Kim Young-geol said, “What are you talking about? I hope you won’t come up with any conclusion”, trying to avoid conversations with Han Ah-reum.

Since their conflict continued, the two even mentioned a divorce. Kim Young-geol said, “What will you do if you divorce me? Maybe you will just lie down and watch dramas to relieve your stress”. Han Ah-reum replied, “This is why I decided to divorce you. Because you keep talking like that”.

In an interview with the production team, Kim Young-geol pointed out Han Ah-reum’s attitude since she often mentioned their divorce. He said, “Every time Han Ah-reum feels bad, she would immediately mention a divorce. She made things become more complicated”.

The two’s great quarrel started with just a small couple fight. The story of Han Ah-reum and Kim Young-geol, whose conflict seems to have grown so deep, will be revealed through “Between Marriage and Divorce”. “Between Marriage and Divorce” is a new reality show for couples to be released for the first time on TVing on May 20th. It will sincerely capture the realistic marriage life of 4 couples that are thinking of divorcing due to different reasons.

Meanwhile, Han Ah-reum got pregnant before her marriage with businessman Kim Young-geol in October 2019. She gave birth to a son in May of the following year.

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