Suspicions from netizens were raised when Heo Yi Jae refused to reveal the identity of that ‘evil actor’ in her case

Why does Heo Yi Jae not reveal the male actor who lured her into having sex? Why is she covering up the case?

Retired actress Heo Yi Jae is currently a hot topic as she revealed that she retired from the entertainment industry because she was a victim of a sex crime and workplace power abuse. Strangely, public opinions are divided into both sides. They are either showing their support for Heo Yi Jae or criticizing her at the same time.

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On September 10, Heo Yi Jae, who retired from the entertainment industry after her last movie SBS’s “You Are A Gift” in 2016, appeared on Crayon Pop Wei’s Youtube channel and talked about the reasons for her retirement, including being lured into having sex by a married actor and experiencing power abuse from a senior actor. Power abuse is still a problem that exists in any society. However, the fact that she was forced to have sex by a male actor who played the leading role in the movie and has a superior position is not a matter to let go of easily, and this could be considered as a criminal case.

It seems like Heo Yi Jae didn’t know what kind of situations that her telling of the painful story on Youtube would cause. If she just aimed at receiving healing through sharing her sincere thoughts on an entertainment show, nothing bad would happen. However, immediately when the controversy arose after the broadcast, she posted a comment under the video, saying, “Please refrain from witch hunting that actor”. As a result, this caused even stronger aftermath.

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Why is she talking about witch hunting? If Heo Yi Jae’s story is true, that sex attacker should be punished. In other words, she just gave her generosity to let him go. Let’s watch the broadcast carefully again. Suspicions have been raised on whether that actor had forced Heo Yi Jae to sleep with him in that way. Now Mrs. Heo Yi Jae asked for the stop witch hunting and leaving him alone.

The identity of that actor remains unknown, but clues were left everywhere, and people have been guessing who he was. Many netizens investigated the case, revealed and attacked an actor who worked with Heo Yi Jae at that time. Immediately, the fanclub of that actor launched a counterattack against Heo Yi Jae, the center of the doubt. Many people in the entertainment industry have split in 2 sides and heated up the controversy even more.

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Indeed, the incident happened a really long time ago, and it won’t be easy for Heo Yi Jae to demand that person be punished. Obviously, if she files a complaint with the police, she will be called for an investigation and will suffer from all kinds of public opinion. Therefore, it is not easy to ask Heo Yi Jae to take courage and reveal the truth.

However, Heo Yi Jae has already taken the most difficult first step. Revealing herself as a victim of sexual harassment is the most difficult decision. Therefore, if this thing stops here, the past might be repeated, and she could even be hurt more. And what if the person pointed out by the public opinion is not Heo Yi Jae’s “evil senior actor”; how will she compensate for this damage?

Hollywood famous film producer Harvey Weinstein was also sentenced to 23 years in prison after many actresses courageously confessed that they were sexually harassed by him. If he had not been trapped in prison, more victims would have continued to appear, and fans of the production company “Winestein” would have been watching his movies with no doubts. People are hoping that protection for the whistleblower would be provided to encourage Heo Yi Jae to report the crime.

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