Suspected of using unlicensed software to produce music, (G) I-DLE leader apologized and said what?

Netizens suspected that the leader (G) I-DLE used unlicensed software to produce music, and she quickly released an official statement.

Recently, in a video posted by CUBE’s official YouTube channel, the laptop footage of the leader (G) I-DLE – Soyeon – suddenly became the subject of the attention of Korean online fans.

The reason is that netizens have been keen to discover some software that was illegally downloaded on Soyeon’s laptop. Among them, there are “ni kontakt” and 8 other unlicensed versions of download files.

G I DLE 97947
Unlicensed software of “ni kontakt” and…
G I DLE 9661556752184
…many of the unlicensed files found in Soyeon’s laptop

In fact, the original purpose of this video is for audiences to visit the studio and learn more about Soyeon’s music creation process. The software is all for music production. In fact, such copyright software has a minimum price of 470 thousand won.

G I DLE 249185172
Copyright software used to produce music is priced at a minimum of 470 thousand won.

About Soyeon using unlicensed software to produce music, netizens is quite angry considering this is not the right thing to do. They said that if Soyeon had earned her music royalties, why would she make money by downloading unlicensed software and violating the copyrights of others.

Netizens were annoyed that Soyeon were suspected of using unlicensed software to produce music

Netizens were annoyed that Soyeon were suspected of using unlicensed software to produce music

After the news appeared for a few hours, Soyeon posted a letter on the fan cafe: “Hello, I’m Soyeon. First of all, I sincerely apologize for making people worry after the news. I feel the need to explain this clearly on fancafe.

Right now, I am self-criticizing myself for having owned and used unlicensed software. I remember that since I first learned how to compose music, I used a lot of different software. For many reasons I did not delete and did not clean up these files again. Since I was not aware of this, I now regret it.

Ever since I started walking into professional music writing until I completed new songs, I used copyright software. From now on, I will act in a more proper way and never use unlicensed software again. I sincerely apologize to everyone again. “

After Soyeon posted this letter, netizens were still skeptical whether Soyeon was telling the whole truth. However, the majority still accepted this apology and praised her for giving a quick response before things got worse and out of control.

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