Surprised by the age-hacking visual of a supporting actress in ‘Winter Sonata’

Winter Sonata‘ is not only one of the most popular series representing the first generation of the Hallyu wave but also a stepping stone to help its cast’s names rise. One of the cast members’ names that is mentioned the most after the series finished is actress Park Sol Mi who played the role of the male lead’s mistress. If the female lead Choi Ji Woo (played by Jung Yoo Jin) still goes on in her career with new works, actress Park Sol Mi chooses a more secretive life. That’s why, when the actress opened up about her behind-the-scenes life, the audience was astounded by her youthful beauty.

After many years of staying away from showbiz, Park Sol Mi recently participated in the show Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant with the ‘Glass Slippers’ actor, Han Jae Suk. While the actor shocked netizens with his changed appearance, Park Sol Mi was praised for her youthful and increasingly attractive visual even though the actress is now 44 years old.  In addition, on social networks, the actress also occasionally posts her young and beautiful daily images.

Park Sol Mi
Park Sol Mi

When ‘Winter Sonata’ was released, Oh Jae Rin was the most hated character because of her selfish, evil personality.  However, she is still remembered by the audience as an actress with an impressive acting style.  In ‘All In’, she continued to impress the public as the most prominent supporting role in the Korean film industry at that time. Despite possessing beautiful visual and good acting skills, Park Sol Mi’s film career is not as successful as the other 3 names.  She is mainly given the role of “mistress” or lackluster supporting characters or projects that do not get much attention.

She did not have a successful career, but Park Sol Mi is the one who owns the most fulfilling life in the cast as she now has a happy family with her husband – Han Jae Suk.

Park Sol Mi


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