Supporting and “pranking” his hyungs at the same time, V is threatened to be revenged

Following Park Seojoon, Park Hyungsik became the next victim of BTS V’s ‘prank’

V (BTS) has always known as a 4D boy, who is really humorous and likes to troll his friends. Not only BTS members but also many other people have been listed as his “victims”.

Not too long ago, V sent a coffee truck to the filming location of Park Seojoon, who is a close hyung to him. Sending supportive coffee truck is not a rare thing in Korean showbiz. However, when V supported his hyung, everything became so funny. He chose an exquisite photo of himself and “pranked” Park Seojoon by putting a double-chin photo of the actor on the truck.

Park Seojoon was confused when receiving V’s coffee truck

The next victim coming on the scene was also a close hyung to V, the actor Park Hyungsik. Similar to the previous “script”, this time, V put a stunning photo of himself on the truck and attached a Park Hyungsik’s photo, in which the actor looked quite silly.

Park Hyungsik’s helpless expression towards V’s present

Feeling so helpless about the mischievousness of V, Park Hyungsik uploaded a photo of the coffee truck on his SNS with the caption: “Just skip the clear explanation…”. Park Hyungsik also emphasized that he would take the revenge on V’s prank in the near future: “The next time, hyungs will collaborate to send you a present”.

Maybe, V will receive the “special gift” from his two hyungs in a really near future

Sources: tinnhac

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