Super Junior’s Ryeo-wook savagely replied to self-claimed fan who commented malicious on his weight gain

Recently, the concept poster for the musical “Fan Letter,” starring Super Junior’s Ryeo-wook, was released.

As the title suggests, the musical is based on a letter containing fans’ love for their idols.In real life, Ryeo-wook received messages of support from many fans for his entertainment career, but he also received many malicious comments as well. In particular, Ryeo-wook was pointed out by a 10-year fan that he gained weight.

Super Junior Ryeo-wook

At the time, a fan left a comment on Ryeo-wook’s YouTube channel “려욱이의 아지트,” saying, “Ryeo-wool ah, let’s go on a diet. Can’t you take care of yourself now that you’re in a relationship?” The fan went on to say, “Then why do you make money from fans? Just leave the group and run a cafe like your girlfriend.” “As your fan for more than a decade, you are just pathetic,” said the fan, raising the intensity of his/her criticism.

Super Junior Ryeo-wook

Seeing this, Ryeo-wook replied, “So I was being pathetic. I think you are pathetic too.” Ryeo-wook replied, “You said you have been my fan for 10 years?” “You didn’t like me for those 10 years, you just liked that you had someone to like,” he pointed out.

Super Junior Ryeo-wook
Comment on Ryeo-wook’s YouTube channel 

Ryeo-wook also sincerely reflected on himself, saying “And it’s not the money I earned thanks to you, but the money I earned from working hard. Those are the times I have made unimaginable efforts and it is my way. Don’t just say anything you want,” he corrected. Finally, he said, “And don’t live a life trying to hurt someone. That energy is such a waste. Don’t love that person and just live alone forever. Just don’t harm anyone (with your words),” he said.

Super Junior Ryeo-wook

Meanwhile, “Fan Letter” will be performed at COEX Artium from December 10 to March 20, 2022.


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