Super cute moments: American Olympic athletes “warm up” with TWICE’s choreography

Whoever said that TWICE is not famous in the US must watch this Olympic athlete’s warm-up!

This female athlete has always been a fan of Kpop music, especially TWICE. She must be a fan of Kpop girl groups like TWICE, Red Velvet, ITZY, BLACKPINK,… because they are always on her Spotify playlist.

It can be seen that the spread of K-pop music, specifically here is the group TWICE has spread to all over the world, especially to the fastidious Western market. TWICE’s songs always have a fun, catchy tune and bring very positive messages to listeners

The song “Cheer Up” is a song expressing the wish that everyone can always live happily and happily, and at the same time it is the encouragement of 9 girls to listeners before difficult moments in life. This song is in a way an automatic word of encouragement for the female athlete from the United States.

– One look is to know Cheer Up immediately.

– What song is so hard to guess, I don’t know if it’s Cheer Up.

– Who said TWICE can’t be popular in the US?

– The music in the female athlete’s headphones played in my head when I saw this choreography.

– In the head automatically jump numbers.

– Kpop fans everywhere.

– Pretend you don’t know it’s Cheer Up.

– Kpop blood always flows in my heart even though I’m busy working as an athlete.

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