Sulli Was Chosen as No. 1 Star to fail SNS followers. followed by Yang Hyun Suk.

Community portal site “DC Inside” together with Searching Company “MyCelebs” opened a vote by asking Internet users, “Which star do you wish they managed their SNS better?” and the result has been decided.

The vote was held for a total of seven days from May 22nd to 28th.

Singer and actor Sulli has been selected as a "social media" star by Internet users.
Singer and actor Sulli has been selected as a “social media” star by Internet users.

Sulli came in first with 1,831 votes (19.3% of 9,479 votes). Sulli has been under fire for creating controversy over her photos on Instagram and other social media sites. Additionally, in the past she once argued with netizens about animal abuse that was in relation to her video clips of grilled eels on her Instagram.

Yang Hyunsuk, CEO of YG Entertainment, ranked second with 1,221 votes (12.9 %). He drew attention from fans by announcing the activities of his musicians through his SNS, but he has not done much in practice, leading to complaints from his artists’ fans.

Third place with 914 votes (9.6%) was actor Kim Buseon, with broadcaster Park Jiyoon, rapper Black Nut and BIGBANG’s Seungri in the following ranks.

Sources: Naver