Suhyun (AKMU) took a selfie in the hot corner of the stairs, suddenly BLACKPINK took over the spotlight?

This interesting coincidence made BLACKPINK and Suhyun (AKMU) fans surprised.

Recently, the corner of the staircase at SBS has become the national photo spot for idols.Every idol who come to KBS to perform Inkigayo stages quickly come here to take some “awesome” photos. BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, GFRIEND, ITZY … have checked-in at this place.

Being a hot place, it often is crowded with many people there. Recently, netizens were extremely excited by a photo of Suhyun (AKMU) taken at this corner of the stairs. Worth mentioning, the spotlight did not belong to the owner but belonged to the other group of YG – BLACKPINK. Appeared in a far corner and only revealed the back, but BLACKPINK quickly became the focus of the photo. This photo is currently spread by fans of the two artists on social networks.

This little coincidence makes netizens excited. YG artists accidentally appeared together in a photo but they even did not know. Although Suhyun debuted earlier, she is always the “younger sister” loved by the BLACKPINK. This cute interaction makes netizens expect the girls to really “check-in” together again at this corner of the stairs.

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