Suga shared about the pressure he has been under when BTS is so successful at the moment

Suga sincerely talked about his feelings when being at the peak of his career

BTS rarely appears on reality TV shows.  After 4 years, the 7 members returned to a show when they became the newest guests at You Quiz On The Block, the episode aired on the evening of March 24.  At the show, the members had a chance to share their thoughts on music, life, and the future.

One of these words that attract the most attention is definitely from SUGA.  When Yoo Jae Suk mentioned that SUGA once said something that strongly influenced J-hope’s thoughts, he revealed: “Maybe that was the time when we discussed about being afraid of falling, not afraid of landing.

SUGA explains more clearly: “You have got to see enough of the ground even on the plane. When you can see the ground you think you are flying. But when you are in the clouds, you don’t really feel it. It was so glorious and I was so thankful and yet I also wondered ‘are these things what we’d hoped for?’”

SUGA also reveals the feeling of those who are on top of success: “All we have done is do our work hard. But people see what we are doing as contributing to the country, it makes them too pressurized.”

SUGA shared his view of “landing” as soon as they have the chance, instead of trying to maintain their popularity: “I’ve seen a lot of artists who couldn’t perform any more when their heyday was over. Ever since I was young, I thought that we should step back while we can instead of being ridiculed by everyone. Now, I hope I can perform until the very end, I personally think it’s the best way to get out of the “spotlight”.  Instead of being upset by the drop in audience, from 50,000 to 2,000, I think that’s how our group can ‘land’ to serve the rest of the fans.  Besides, I still have other members.  It is enough”.

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