Successfully losing 25kg, Lee Jangwoo was cast for the main role in the musical “Rebecca”

Actor Lee Jangwoo has just been cast for the musical “Rebecca”.

According to Expo News’s report on October 5th, Lee Jangwoo will appear in the musical “Rebecca”, which will take place on November 16th at the Grand Theater of Chungmu Art Center.

Lee Jangwoo

Lee Jangwoo plays the male lead, Maxim de Winter. He’s the highest-class Englishman and the owner of the Manderley mansion.

Lee Jangwoo acted in various dramas, such as “Graceful Family”, “My Only One”, “Homemade Love Story” and used to appear on the entertainment show “I Live Alone”.

In 2019, he made his musical debut as Jagul “True Colors of a Hero”. Recently, he drew the attention after losing 25kg and getting back his ‘golden age’ visual.

Lee Jangwoo, who has changed his appearance as well as improved his acting skills, is expected to play the role of Maxim.

Lee Jangwoo

Marking its 6th season this year, the musical “Rebecca” is a work inspired by a movie of the same name directed by Hitchcock.

The musical tells about the housekeeper of the Manderley mansion who was devoted to Maxim’s ex-wife Rebecca and Maxim de Winter, who is suffering from trauma due to the death of his ex-wife. The story will solve the mysterious case that happens at the Manderley mansion, focusing on Mrs. Danvers, who tries to protect herself and her beloved Maxim.

Lee Jangwoo

After its debuts in 2006 at the Raymund Theater in Vienna, Austria, the musical was translated into 10 languages in total to be performed in 12 countries around the world. In Korea, from its first premiere in 2013 to the 5th season in 2019, this musical has been recognized as a steady-seller, and has received positive responses from the audiences.

The musical “Rebecca” will begin on November 16th at the Chungmu Art Center Grand Theater, and performances will last until February 27th next year.

Source: Daeum

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