Stylist Park Min Hee reveals BLACKPINK’s way of working, affirming the members’ important role in building the group’s fashion style

Many people believe that BLACKPINK is nothing more than a group of beautiful girls with no sense of fashion. To clear this prejudice, stylist Park Min Hee explained how the group works.

Many netizens have long thought that the BLACKPINK girls have no talent for fashion and that all of their beautiful outfits are prepared by stylists. However, that is a one-sided view and certainly not true about them. Ms. Park Min Hee, the group’s stylist, recently had an open discussion about the group’s working style in order to clear this prejudice.

park min hee

Min Hee said she even learned many fashion tips from the members of BLACKPINK: “The members are really interested in fashion. Sometimes I learn from them. Fashion is an area where people who are really interested can’t help but do well. The trend changes so quickly that the members may be in a hurry to follow, but while enjoying the change.

“More important, they seem to know for sure what is important and suits them. They exchange opinions from the beginning of the concept, and share opinions when they find something cool, even in the usual days when there is no big project.” – the stylist added

The female stylist became famous thanks to a series of outfits in BLACKPINK’s MV How You Like That

Park Min Hee stated that the members are quite proactive in discussing what they wear rather than relying solely on the stylist. They can find the perfect outfit at shows and events by working with stylists, ensuring it’s fashionable, on-trend, and completely comfortable.

“Even when we don’t have to work, we still talk a lot about fashion. Whenever we notice something interesting happening in the fashion world, such as an outfit or some remarkable photosets, we’ll share and discuss a lot,” she said.


The group’s mix & match skills are not bad, but actually better than what the public thinks. In the photo series titled Season’s Greeting 2021, the 4-member group created ideas, coordinated outfits and makeup by themselves. Although they cannot reach the level of a professional stylist, their photos are still well-received by the public.

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