Street Woman Fighter Lee Jung will appear show in BLACKPINK Lisa’s upcoming debut MV?

The female dancer spotted in the MV teaser of BLACKPINK Lisa is gaining huge attention on Mnet’s dance show Street Woman Fighter.

At exactly 0 AM KST on September 8, YG officially released BLACKPINK Lisa’s ‘LALISA’ MV teaser. Although the teaser is only 14 seconds long, it is enough to reveal a catchy line of the song “Say Lalisa love me Lalisa love me”. Lisa’s different looks, from a princess to a “racing girl”, also make fans excited.

Besides the main character Lisa, fans unexpectedly noticed a dancer who appeared in a dance break scene.  The female dancer standing on the left side is said to look like YGX Lee Jung because of her signature double high ponytail hairstyle. In this scene, Lisa is a hip-hop girl and promises to show off her “fiery” dance moves in the MV.

lee jung lisa
The female dancer on the left side is said to be YGX’s Lee Jung

Many comments are sure that Lee Jung will appear in Lisa’s MV:

  • I knew it’s Lee Jung the moment I watched the teaser 
  • The double ponytail kinda looks like her
  • Lee Jung is probably the song’s choreographer too 
  • I recognized Lee Jung immediately, the dance will be fire
  • Lee Jung’s double ponytail always stand out so it can’t be wrong
  • Lee Jung is also there, I hope Lalisa has an explosive choreography 
  • Lee Jung is so busy these days. She’s joining SWF but still has time to dance with Lisa
lee jung lisa
Lee Jung’s signature hairstyle

Lee Jung is the leader of the dance crew YGX in Mnet’s show Street Woman Fighter that is receiving the most attention these days. The female dancer born in 1998 is already familiar to YG fans as she is BLACKPINK Rosé’s dance trainer. She used to participate in choreography for SOLO’s dance break of Jennie. Perhaps, Lee Jung is also in charge of LALISA’s choreography.

lee jung lisa
Lee Jung in the latest episode of Street Woman Fighter
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