A behind story of “Street Woman Fighter”: Lee Chae Yeon got over-breathing and had to receive treatment in an ambulance

The story behind the filming of “Street Woman Fighter” related to former IZ*ONE member Lee Chae Yeon, who was recently eliminated from the show, has become a hot topic.

On October 6th, articles titled “IZ*ONE Lee Chae Yeon recently got overbreathing” were posted on some online communities. The article contained a Kakaotalk message conversation posted on the SNS account of A, a friend of Lee Chae Yeon.

The public’s attention has been drawn to the conversation in which Lee Chae Yeon explained her situation, saying, “I was taken in an ambulance yesterday. Firstly, I’m still in the middle of the filming. I cried so much to the point that I got over-breathing.” The message is presumed to be a conversation between Lee Chae Yeon and A during the filming of “Street Woman Fighter“‘s last battle.

Then, Lee Chae Yeon shared her feelings about the filming, “I had a really hard day. I only slept for two hours and nearly went crazy while filming. But I have no regret.”

Therefore, A commented with a heartwarming message, “It hasn’t been long since I was shocked to hear that you got overbreathing. Our Chae Yeonie had worked hard till the end. I’m glad that you finished it safely and didn’t get hurt. Don’t make yourself suffer anymore, and let’s be happy.”

lee chae yeon street woman fighter

In response, Internet users said, “My heart aches”, “I hope Chae Yeon will only enjoy her happy days!”, “You must have heard a lot of bad things every week… That’s too bad”, “I will continue to support Chae Yeon in the future”

Meanwhile, in the latest episode of Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter” on October 5th, Lee Chae Yeon’s crew, WANT, was eliminated. Lee Chae Yeon also delivered her last words on the show that day, “I was very lucky to be able to dance with such wonderful dancers on this show. I’ll continue to work harder in my position.”

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