“Street Woman Fighter” Gabi replied to comments saying dancers are problematic, scary, and hate each other

Recently, a past remark of Gabi, who is competing in Mnet’s show “Street Woman Fighter” as LACHICA’s leader, has been recalled.

In the past, Gabi once posted a video on her Youtube channel titled, “39 assumptions about dancers and me.”

In response to a comment saying, “Dancers are problematic”, Gabi emphasized, “I don’t think there’s anyone who is as innocent as dancers. The word ‘problematic’ means different things depending on each people’s standards. However, in my opinion, dancers are not problematic. People around me are very pure and innocent. If there is a person like that, let’s not call all dancers the same. That’s just a very few people among the whole big group of dancers. All the dancers I’ve met are not problematic at all.”

After reading the a netizen commented, “I think dancers are strong. It seems like they all have a firm beliefs in their music style and color”, Gabi responded, “There are many speculations saying dancers usually look strong and scary, but I think it’s just because they have to look strong. Ever dancers have their own personalities, and they know what they like. If they think they can look strong, they will express that on the outside. However, when I talk to them, they’re very nice. Many dancers have pure characteristics and have pretty voices. There are many nice people.”

She added, “I think musicians and artists should all have their own colors and beliefs in music. Calling people “strong” doesn’t hurt them; it’s just you should consider what you have to say or things you want to express. However, when they are treated unfairly, they will be determined. And it’s not true when you say dancers always fight against each other and hate each other.”

Lastly, she said, “Many people asked me whether dancers hate each other and consider themselves as competitors. However, we never hate each other. In fact, we support, respect, and support each other a lot. That’s why I feel satisfied with this job. The people whom I work with are really nice, innocent, and not jealous. Well, of course, someone may envy others, but at least people around me don’t. I hope people don’t get scared of them.”

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