“Street Woman Fighter” dancer Leesu is accused of school bullying, “I dropped out of school because of Leesu”

WAY B Leesu, who has currently competed in Mnet’s show “Street Woman Fighter”, is currently embroiled in a controversy over school violence.

On September 14, a netizen A posted on an online community: “I want to expose the damage I suffered from Leesu”.

A said, “I was accepted as a student of the practical dance department’s 8th academic year at Hanlim Arts High School. However, I then dropped out of school because I was bullied.”

According to A, in 2016, Leesu used to spread many rumors about A in a group chat of 10 people, such as “A is flirting with many male seniors” and “A is crazy for men”.

A continued, “When I found out that I used to contact Leesu’s ex-boyfriend, she gave me a lot of abusive words like ‘Crazy b*tch, are you even flirting my ex?’”. In addition, A revealed that she even received threatening calls from Leesu.

A said she told everything to the head of the department at that time. A explained, “I didn’t want to make things big, so I only demanded an apology from Leesu and punishments for Leesu’s gang.”

However, A said she didn’t get any apology from Leesu. A wrote in the accusation post, “The only people who apologized to me were Leesu’s “kids”. Leesu didn’t give me a word of her apology.”

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A stated that she sent a DM to Leesu and even called her on September 12. Therefore, A said that this was Leesu’s reply: “It was already 4-5 years ago, and I couldn’t remember anything in detail. I may remember something wrong, but I’m sure that I have never bothered anyone”.

Lastly, A complained about the mental damage that she got, “I was only 17 at that time and had been through such a hard time. I had a big dream but then gave up and dropped out of school.”

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Meanwhile, in the episode aired on September 14, Leesu’s dance crew, WAY B, was eliminated from the show.

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