Street Woman Fighter dancer’ fancam has impressive views, far surpassing both HyunA and Dawn

The attractiveness of Street Woman Fighter makes it easy for girls to be the center of attention.

The dance show for professional dancer Street Woman Fighter is proving a solid attraction not only to domestic audiences but also to foreign fans.  The show’s contestants are all famous dancers who have won many awards in dance competitions…They have had their own fan base through many broadcast episodes, and are welcomed by many young people. 

The clearest proof is that the fancam views of these contestants increased rapidly, even surpassing the combined singers even though they were just backup dancers.

Emma Song – WANT member, participated in back-up dancing on the stage of PING PONG – the first collaboration product of the couple HyunA and Dawn.  However, this girl took the spotlight of the couple when her personal fancam had views of up to 581,744.  Meanwhile, HyunA has more than 33,000 views, Dawn failed miserably with just over 7.5 thousand views.

emma pingpong street woman fighter 103

Another case is Lip J and Monika of the Prowdmon team.  The two collaborated with Lee Hi on the stage to promote the song “Red Lipstick,” but all the attention was focused on the two female dancers of Street Woman Fighter.

lip j monika street woman fighter
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