Street Woman Fighter Aiki’s cool parenting with her 9-year-old daughter on “Omniscient Interfering View”

Dancer Aiki had had her first appearance on the documentary-type variety show “Omniscient Interfering View”.

In the 173rd episode of MBC’s “Omniscient Interfering View” (Planned by Park Jung-kyu / Directed by Noh Si-yong, Chae Hyun-seok), Aiki of “Street Woman Fighter” appeared and revealed the daily life of a dancer.

Aiki showed off her dance instinct from morning with a groovy dance while making toast. She applied butter to the frying pan as if she was DJing, revealing her undying love for dancing.

street woman fighter aiki

Here comes the most loved part. With her 9-year-old daughter Yeon-woo, Aiki then started to prepare for her child’s school routine. Aiki’s cool parenting method will captivate all the viewers. She dances to wake her daughter up, and makes her laugh with a quote, “You have to do all your homework when you become an adult anyway.”

street woman fighter aiki

On the other hand, Aiki, who has been married for nine years, is still a hot topic for  her honeymoon-like daily life with her husband. Aiki says, “My husband is my first love and last love,” showing off her affection that was never seen on stage.

Along with this, the behind-the-scenes of Aiki’s Han River proposal will be released. Aiki has shed tears at her husband’s surprise event. The viewers are anticipating the event Aiki has received from her husband.

Source: Daeum

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