Stray Kids noted as the next generation representative to lead JYP Entertainment

Stray Kids (Bang Chan, Reno, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, IN) are making a soft landing as the next generation representative to lead JYP.

After the first broadcast of Mnet‘s ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’ on the 1st, They have been receiving hot responses.  The full version video ‘MIROH’ released after the broadcast recorded the highest number of views, surpassing 7 million views.

Stray Kids is the youngest team among the teams participating in the Kingdom.  The average age is also the youngest.  However, they are strongly attracted by their own charms, defined as ‘Maramat’, and left a strong impression as ‘representatives of 4th generation K-pop’ and ‘JYP’s next-generation representative group’.

In 2021, JYP Entertainment’s artist composition has undergone a major change.  GOT7, which debuted at JYP in 2014, left the company in January without renewing a contract.

With the departure of GOT7, 2PM and Stray Kids are the remaining two boy groups of JYP.  However, 2PM has more individual activities than group activities. Therefore, Stray Kids is really the only boy group to represent JYP.

Therefore, Stray Kids’ performance in 2021 is an important factor not only for the group but also for the entertainment company JYP.  In such an important situation, Stray Kids’ first activity was’ Kingdom ‘.  Instead of attracting fans with new music, Stray Kids chose to advertise themselves through broadcasts, and this choice has worked.

The predecessors of ‘Kingdom’, such as ‘Road to Kingdom’ and ‘Queendom’, received negative attention just before the broadcast, saying,’ It encourages competition among idols’.  However, after airing, it received a positive response for the goodwill competition among idols, and most participating groups succeeded in attracting both fandom and popularity.

Stray Kids noted as the next generation representative to lead JYP Entertainment

‘Kingdom’ is also enjoying a similar effect as different chemical reactions between idol groups explode right from the first broadcast.  And one of the groups most likely to benefit is Stray Kids.

Of course, now that the first broadcast has ended, it is still too early to decide how the broadcast will go and what Stray Kids will show.  However, for sure, if Stray Kids continues to grow as it is now, it will go beyond JYP and develop into a boy group that changes the K-pop paradigm.

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