Stray Kids – first JYP boy group to receive “Best Rookie Award”: What makes up their success?

Receiving “Best Male Rookie Award” at MAMA 2018 strengthen both Stray Kids and JYP’s position in the industry.

On December 10th, at MAMA in Korea, Stray Kids had surpassed other outstanding contestants such as Kim Dong Han, HAON, HyungseobxEuiwoong, and especially The Boyz – winner of Best Rookie Award at the MMA, to win the “Best Rookie Award” with the final vote result of 49,10% at the prestigious award show.

What’s more to say is, Stray Kids is the first male group of JYP to receive this award. JYP belongs to the BIG3 of Korean entertainment industry with many famous boy and girl groups such as Wonder Girls, 2PM, GOT7and TWICE,…However, despite having one of the most influencing girl group likeWonder Girls or TWICE, it was until Stray Kids debuted did they receive a Rookie Award for their boy groups.

2018 is a bustling year with the hard work of the big names in the entertainment industry such as BTS, IU, TWICE, EXO … It was expected that fans would forget new names such as Stray Kids, but the fact proved the opposite.

Since being cherished in the live show of JYP, Stray Kids received a lot of attention from the audience as the group was formed by the leader of Bang Chan, not JYP. Every step of the JYP’s children is publicly tracked when the MVs of the group reach a very high view, especially the debut MV, in the new release, which achieved the debut MV with the highest 24 hours view, surpassing “Energetic” by WANNA ONE. This is the initial confirmation that the boys are not mediocre at all.

Subsequently, the JYP children continued to work admirably on the consecutive releases of two full albums, “I am WHO”, and”I am YOU”, and received the support from the audience and attracted more fans for the group. Getting a rookie group to work hard on such a large product line is JYP’s prudent move to increase both the coverage and talent of its members in comparison to the other rookies debuted the same year.

Finally, despite the advantage of coming from a big company, we can not deny the talent of Stray Kids has contributed greatly to the success of the group. As a new group, Stray Kids, especially 3Racha (including BangChan, Changbin, and Han members) composed their own songs.

Along with that, the hard work, as well as the professional skills on the stage also impressed the audience, including the non-fans of the group. The group’s performance on the MAMA stage in Japan has proved all too well, making people understand the reason that made Stray Kids so successful.

Cover “Like OOH-AHH” (TWICE) – Stray Kids[“MAMA 2018” 10/12]
Stray Kids covered EXO’s hits “Overdose” and”Growl”

There is no denying the appeal of the JYP male group, but the first trophy for the Stray Kids has shown a new charm of the 9 members compared to the seniors, and this proves to be a great move for JYP in 2018. More than anything, a rookie like Stray Kids has been loved by audiences and expects to become a big Korean star.

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