Strangely: Fan cried happily when MAMAMOO’s concert was finally canceled

Finally, the management company also listened to the voices of MAMAMOO fans.

Recently, RBW Entertainment has released a statement regarding MAMAMOO’s concert issue. Accordingly, the company decided to cancel the upcoming concert of the girls as well as sending the apologies to the fans: “We are sorry to worry you this time.

Not long ago, fans launched a campaign to boycott two incoming concert nights for worrying about the health of the four girls. It is known that from the beginning of the year to now, MAMAMOO has to work relentlessly without any rest period. As a result, fans have been demanding justice for the four girls. Fortunately, RBW Entertainment has listened to the voice of the fandom and made the right decision.

MAMAMOO’s December concert was officially canceled.
MAMAMOO has had a hard-working year since the early days of 2018

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