StayC member gains attention with visual like a comic character

StayC’s maknae J attracts attention with pretty pink hair and an attractive body.

The images of StayC at a program on April 20 became a hot topic on social networks.  Among the members, the maknae J is the one who makes fans “visual shock” because she looks really like a comic character.

The female idol is praised for being beautiful with pink hair, white skin, and a tall body.

J has an actor-like vibe thanks to her big eyes, innocent charisma, and beautiful facial features.

Isa is associated with black hair, and a girl crush vibe

Netizens believe Isa will become one of the top girl crush models of the Kpop 4th generation.

Yoon often appears with unique hairstyles.

Yoon’s adorable expression while recording.

Leader Su Min always has a more mature appearance compared to other members of the group.

Si Eun impresses with her lovely beauty, bright smile and always full of energy.  The female idol is one of the idols with the “summer fruit” spirit along with seniors like Na Yeon (Twice), Joy (Red Velvet) …

Se Eun is less pretty because of her weird hairstyle.

Source: ione

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