STAYC joins BTS, BLACKPINK, Seventeen… on Weverse

Today (August 9), STAYC has officially joined Weverse. Now they are launching a hashtag event and ready to communicate with Swith around the world.

According to High Up Entertainment on August 9: STAYC is opening their global fan community on Weverse”.

STAYC joins BTS, BLACKPINK, Seventeen… on Weverse

Achieving ‘Rising Korean Artist 5’ at Grammy and appearing on the US’s Time magazine in the ‘2021 Best K-POP’ list, STAYC has shown their rapid growth in the KPOP as a global rookie. As a result, they decided to join Weverse to increase their communication with global fans.

STAYC is expecting to expand their global fandom after joining Weverse. They will have more chance to get closer to Swith (STACY’s fandom name) all around the world.

To celebrate their opening of STAYC’s community on Weverse, the are holding a hashtag event until August 17. You can participate in the event by posting the hashtag of STAYC on Weverse along with a photo/GIF and the reason why you love STAYC. 20 participants will be randomly chosen to receive STAYC’s signed album and polaroids decorated by STAYC’s members.

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STAYC debuted in November 2020 and has become a representative of KPOP’s 4th generation with their attractive visuals and addictive music. Holding a teen fresh concept, STAYC is introduced as an “all center, visual, performer” group. They prove their popularity with their debut album “Star To A Young Culture” which sold more than 10,000 copies in the first week of releasing, becoming the first girlgroup rookie of last year to gain that achievement.

Then their title track “ASAP” of the 2nd album ‘STAYDOM’ was released in April of this year. The song soon became extremely popular, proving STAYC as an idol with both skills and visuals.

Joining Weverse with the famous Korean and foreign artists such as BTS, BLACKPINK, Seventeen and New Hope Club, STAYC is becoming a hot topic that attracts attention from fans.

STAYC is also releasing new contents on their Youtube channel regularly to continue active communication with fans.

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