Starship IVE sets their debut on the first day of December

The 6-member rookie group IVE has confirmed their debut date on December 1st.

On the afternoon of the 8th, an image with the words ‘Coming Soon’ was released on Ive’s official SNS channel. The released image of Coming Soon contains the logo of the group “IVE” and the debut date of “2021.12.01,” drawing attention from global fans as well as domestic and foreign media. In particular, the intense yet chic mood is also amplifying questions about the concept that IVE will showcase.

Ive previously released profiles of six members, including leaders Yujin, Gaeul, Wonyoung, Liz, Rai, and Leeseo, and was positively evaluated by the audience as an ‘all-visual’ group.


Meanwhile, according to Starship, IVE stands for ‘I HAVE’, showing the members’ confident demeanor. The company also plans to establish the brand identity of the group before their debut and lead them on the path to success. With such an extraordinary aspiration, IIVE continued to receive explosive interest from the public through various SNS channels with only the release of the profile and the “Coming Soon” image, drawing keen attention to how it will attract K-pop fans.


Ive, who will debuton December 1, plans to release various promotional content through the official SNS channel.


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