#StandByDaniel – Global fans are on Daniel’s side in his scandal with LM Entertainment

The male idol must be very touched by his fans’ love and support for him throughout this hard time.

After finishing all the activities of promotion with Wanna One, unlike some other members, the “national center” Kang Daniel and the team leader Jisung also left the former managing agency and moved to a “new home” – LM Entertainment. Fans thought that his talent would be able to shine even brighter than when he was in Wanna One, but they were terrified with the fact that just only in a short time, Kang Daniel had shown that he doesn’t want to continue working under LM Entertainment anylonger.

Kang Daniel
National Center Kang Daniel

Through the incident, we can see that Kang Daniel is being restrained by LM Entertainment, the contract has many disagreements and the company even intend to cooperate and exchange profits with third parties without asking for his opinions. Although Daniel has hired his own lawyer and has shown that he want to resolve everything in peace, but “the tree wants to be quiet but the wind doesn’t stop”, LM seems like they don’t want to let he go easily. Leading to the fact that it has to be solved by law.

After many times of rescheduling, the trial will finally begin on April 24. The fans all over the world have started trending #StandByDaniel to motivate and show their support towards Daniel for him not to feel lonely. Besides the hashtag, they also don’t forget to send messages with comforting words, cheering Daniel in the upcoming trial. This hashtag is also leading the Twitter trends of many countries around the world. This shows that fans from all over the world are still watching and supporting him not only in the upcoming trial but in his future activities.

( The hashtag cheering for Kang Daniel )
It’s been a long time since the last time fans saw Daniel smile brightly like this

Let’s pray the best for the National Center Kang Daniel

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