Staff shared LILI’S FILM #4 behind the scenes story: Jisoo bought food to support Lisa…

BLACKPINK’s youngest member just surprised fans with the release of “LILI’S FILM # 4”, making fans extremely happy. In the latest dance video, Lisa chose the song “City Girls” by Chris Brown and Young Thug to perform attractive hip-hop, street-style dance. Wearing a sporty outfit and a headband, Lisa makes fans fascinated by her eye-catching visuals. With the outfit in this new video, Lisa could also show off her slim waist, long legs, and skinny but healthy body.

 Recently, a staff member participating in the project “LILI’S FILM # 3” not long ago has shared a special behind-the-scenes moment when continuing to be involved in the production of “LILI’S FILM # 4”.  

 At first, she could not hide her happiness because Lisa still remembered her.  Besides, she also revealed that BLACKPINK member Jisoo also went to the studio to support Lisa. According to her, Jisoo not only showed up to support Lisa but also cheered for her youngest sister in excitement, making everyone fall for her cuteness.

She added, Jisoo also bought fried chicken for Lisa and all the staff members. In the comment section, many comments expressed their “jealousy” because this staff got to experience the loveliness and friendliness of the two BLACKPINK “goddesses”.

Earlier, in “LILI’S FILM #4”, Lisa brought into the context of an abandoned warehouse. Combined with that are the flexible and professional back dancers. Within 2 minutes, Lisa has captured the hearts of viewers with mesmerizing dance moves. It would be impossible to take eyes off her. Just a few minutes after Lisa uploaded LILI’s FILM #4, the hashtag #LisaDance4 immediately jumped to the 1st place on worldwide trending.

Source: k14

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