“Squid Game”’s raking on Netflix Japan suspected to be manipulated

Netflix’s original series “Squid Game” continues to be a worldwide hit.

Amid the trend, some Japanese media outlets questioned this popularity and implied that the drama’s ranking in Netflix Japan could be manipulated. The Japanese economic media outlet “Hyundai Business” recently questioned the popularity of “Squid Game” and posted an article titled “Three Reasons Why People Are Not Into this drama,” written by Naoko Yamamoto, a freelance author. She wrote, ” ‘Squid Game’, which was released on the 17th of last month, is still No.1 on Netflix Japan’s ‘Top 10 Overall’.”

Squid Game

However, she pointed out that this drama did not draw much attention from viewers compared to its popularity. She argued that although it was ranked No.1 overall, it was not very popular in Japan. She used the number of the comments about the drama as evidence. Most of the Japanese articles introducing the popularity of the “Squid Game” have less than 100 comments. It is said that this indicates the low degree of interest of Japanese people towards the drama. She also mentioned comments written by Japanese netizens. “I saw it, but it was not that fun.” “Is it really a popular drama?”.

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