“Squid Game” theory: A tiny detail that proves Kang Sae Byeok is still alive

Squid Game’s Kang Sae Byeok might not be dead like most viewers thought!

One of the most captivating and memorable characters in Netflix’s global hit Squid Game is Kang Sae Byeok – portrayed by rookie actress Jung Ho Yeon. She is player No. 067, a North Korean defector who participates in Squid Game to earn money to bring her mother to South Korea, get her brother out of the orphanage and reunite her family. Although she looks cold and unapproachable at first, Sae Byeok gradually wins the hearts of the audience. Unfortunately, she gets tragically killed after she makes it to the final three of the game.

Kang Sae Byeok Squid Game

Sae Byeok‘s death makes many viewers feel uneasy. Among the three finalists of Squid Game, Sae Byeok is probably the most pitiful character. In her final scenes, she suffers a serious injury from being impaled with broken glass after the dangerous glass bridge game. She is then stabbed to death by Sang Woo (Park Hae Soo) with a knife.

Sae Byeok is then stabbed to death by Sang Woo (Park Hae Soo) with a knife

However, many viewers are still suspicious about Sae Byeok‘s death, because of an unusual detail: when Sae Byeok gets killed, there is no announcement from the speaker of the game.

Every time a player dies, there is supposed to be a formal announcement over the loudspeaker. However, in the scene where Sae Byeok dies, the workers dressed in red just silently come to put her body in the coffin and leave. There is only sad music playing. This has led some viewers to believe that Sae Byeok was not actually dead and that she could somehow survive the stab.

Thus, there is still a possibility that Sae Byeok will return in season 2 of Squid Game and will most likely join the male lead Gi Hun to take down the organization. There could be a “secret force” in the organization that helps cover up Sae Byeok‘s death. She can later escape through the organ harvesting ring.

This theory, though only based on a small detail, still draws much attention. On Reddit, fans of Squid Game have mixed reactions to this theory. While some support, others think that it does not change the fact that when Sae Byeok dies, the number of players on the screen still reduces to 2 and more money is poured into the piggy bank. 

Some comments from netizens:

  • She bleeds to death after getting stabbed in the neck. There is no way she could still be alive. 
  • Sae Byeok is my favorite character. Although I know the chance is small, I hope she will appear again in season 2. 
  • Maybe because of the music that the announcement from the intercom is not heard. The player count still drops to 2 on the screen, and more money is automatically added. How could she still be alive?
  • If Sae Byeok is not dead, there might be somebody covering her up. 
  • I think the original plan of the writer was for Sae Byeok to die. But with the popularity of Squid Game and this character, she might come back. But I think she can only appear in flashback scenes.
Sae Byeok

Even Jung Ho Yeon knows about this interesting theory of fans. The actress also expressed surprise, but it is impossible to reveal whether Sae Byeok will return in season 2 or not. She only shared that while filming that scene, she believed that Sae Byeok was really dead. “I was quite glad at that moment, because I was able to take the burden off the character,” she told Vanity Fair. However, Jung Ho Yeon does not exclude the possibility that she can return to Squid Game, making the audience excited.

As for the real future of Sae Byeok‘s character, perhaps global viewers will have to patiently wait until Squid Game 2 comes out in the future.


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