“Squid Game” Lee Yoo Mi has been cast for the main role in a new movie

Actress Lee Yoo Mi has been cast for the main role in a new movie. This is her next film after becoming a rising actress through Netflix drama’s “Squid Game”.

According to a report from OSEN on October 6th, Lee Yoo Mi recently decided to appear in a full-length film called “We Can’t Go To Heaven, But We Can Love”

“We Can’t Go To Heaven, But We Can Love” (produced by Tsnarin Cinema) tells the girls’ love and friendship stories, which were the hottest during the summer of the 1999 apocalypse. Lee Yoo Mi will play the main character, a student called Yeji.

Director Han Jay, who has proved his ability through “Take Me Home” (2020), “I Can’t” (2017), “Sweet Girts” (2013), was chosen to be in charge of directing this movie. His first full-length movie, “Take Me Home”, received recognition as it was invited to the 21st Jeonju International Film Festival and the 22nd Seoul International Women’s Film Festival. As a result, movie fans are raising high expectations for director Han’s next movie.

Apart from Lee Yoo Mi, actor Kim Hyun Mok, who worked with former Kara member Han Seung Yeon in the movie “Show Me The Ghost” (directed by Kim Eun Kyung), also decided to appear in this film. He is currently filming for SBS drama “Lovers of the Red Sky“.

In addition, Shin Ki Hwan (“Summer of Thoughts”) and Park Soo Yeon (“House of Hummingbird”) will also work with Lee Yoo Mi in this new movie.

This year, Lee Yoo Mi has shown off her acting skills by taking on characters who are put in extreme situations in movies, such as “Hostage: Missing Celebrity” (Director Pil Gam Seong) and “Young Adult Matters” (Director Lee Hwan). Therefore, the audience are looking forward to her new role in “We Can’t Go To Heaven, But We Can Love”.

Meanwhile, the number of Lee Yoo Mi’s Instagram followers has soared to 4.9 million after she received great attention from viewers around the world through “Squid Game.

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Source: daeum

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