“Squid Game” gganbu grandpa Oh Yeong-su opened an Instagram account

Oh Yeong-su, actor of the gganbu grandpa’s role in “Squid Game”, finally opened an Instagram account to communicate with global fans.

Actor Oh Yeong-su is drawing keen attention from fans around the world as he recently created his personal Instagram. It seems that he created this communication channel to repay the love and support of domestic as well as overseas fans.

Oh Yeong-su Instagram

Oh Yeong-su, 78 years old in Korean age, was the only one among the cast of “Squid Game” who did not have an SNS account. However, he opened an Instagram account last week and introduced himself as “Korean Actor Yeongsu Oh #Squidgame”. He has uploaded a photo of him at the filming site of “Squid Game”, as well as a captured photo of him at MBC’s variety show “Hangout with Yoo” which is scheduled to air this week. He has about 60,000 followers now.

Oh Yeong-su Instagram

Earlier on Oct 11th, Lee Jung-jae also tagged actor Oh Yeong-su’s SNS account on a photo of “Squid Game” on his Instagram, drawing attention. Currently, the popularity of the main cast is soaring day by day as “Squid Game” causes syndrome around the world. Representatively, Jung Ho-yeon topped the list of Korean actresses with more than 19 million Instagram followers, while Wi Ha-joon also surpassed 7.9 million. Lee Jung-jae, who opened his first SNS account since his debut on Oct 2nd, also boasts 3.4 million followers.

Source: Nate

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