“Squid Game” Ali once appeared on “Descendants of the Sun”

All Squid Game actors recently are the focus of attention, so as foreign actor Anupam Tripathi

Anupam Tripathi is a talented Indian actor who plays Ali – the foreign worker in Netflix original series “Squid Game“. He might use to be a nameless actor, but it has already been 8 years since he debuted as an actor through the movie “Ode to my Father” in 2014.

Anupam Tripathi  squid game

In 2016, he even appeared in the KBS2 hit drama starring Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo – “Descendants of the Sun”. At that time, Anupam Tripathi played the role of a worker at the Uruk Electric Power Station.

He appeared in episode 6, where he discovered that doctor Kang Mo-yeon (Song Hye-kyo), who treated his wounds, was wearing sandals to run around the accident field. After that, he gave her his safety boots which moved the audience to tears.

Anupam Tripathi also appeared once again in episode 7. After the disaster scene was partly taken care of, Anupam Tripathi appeared with bare feet at the clinic and doctor Kang Mo-yeon returned him his safety boots.

Anupam Tripathi  squid game

Kang Mo-yeon said, “I’ve worn it well. Thank you,” to which Anupam Tripathi said nothing and gave her a warm gaze.

Even though he didn’t have any line, Anupa Tripathi was able to convey everything through his eyes and body movement. It was to such an extent that many people said the scene deeply moved them even though it was just a short one.

After that, Anupam Tripathi also appeared in many movies such as “Asura”, “Lucky”, tvN “Hospital Playlist” before appearing on “Squid Game” which put him into stardom. He’s living up to the name of an actor who graduated from Korea National University of Arts by giving us the most wonderful acting performance. We are all expecting more performance from him in the future.

Source: Insight

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