“Squid Game” actress Jung Ho Yeon is the first Korean star to grace the cover of American Vogue

Rookie actress Jung Ho Yeon is taking over Hollywood!

A celebrity’s life can change overnight thanks to one single breakout role. This is the case of Jung Ho Yeon and Netflix’s global hit Squid Game. Her recent big break has continued to bring Jung Ho Yeon to new heights in her career, most notably becoming the cover girl for American Vogue.

Jung Ho Yeon is honored to make her American Vogue cover debut in February this year. She is also the first East Asian star to land the cover of American Vogue – the most powerful version of Vogue‘s publications. This is a remarkable achievement for the model/actress who became a global sensation thanks to her Squid Game role. 

Vogue magazine and especially the publications by Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour have an amazing power, helping every cover star affirm their position in the industry. Every star is carefully selected and goes through countless stages of consideration to be solo featured on Vogue. This shows how influential Jung Ho Yeon is now!

After many years of hard work, Jung Ho Yeon has not only shot to stardom but also reached the peak of fame. Her brand reputation ranking sees significant rise. She has become a sought-after star by luxury brands, top magazines, and attracted a huge fanbase. 


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