Special but unpopular facts about Kpop’s top idol groups

There are many fun facts that can even surprise you!

In each group, there are always some special facts that if you are not a loyal fan, you will never know. These special facts originate from the background of each member or from the age gap in some groups. The netizens have listed a series of interesting facts, which are not really well-known, about the top idol groups at present such as: TWICE, BTS, Winner… If you already know about all these facts, then congratulations, you’re a truly Kpop fan!

1. All BTS members come from small town

In a sharing about BTS, PD Bang Shi Hyuk said that there was an interesting fact about BTS, which is that all members of the group came from small towns to Seoul to pursue their music path.
When I first met the members, my purpose was not to make them become popular artist in all over the world. My company was unknown, and the members were from small towns, I didn’t even dare to expect that someday, they can be this famous. A short time after the members gathered at Seoul to start their career, I just thought that I could only make some meaningful things for these young boys”.

If you check BTS’s profile, you can see that all the boys lived in small towns in Korea before. RM and Jin were born and raised in Gyeonggi-do, Suga and V lived in Daegu, J-Hope came from Gwangju whereas Jimin and Jungkook were born in Busan.

Thanks to BTS’s non-stop efforts, from the residents of Korean small towns, the boys are now the worldwide influential idols. Their popularities also become the pride of their hometowns, in which the members were born and raised.

No one knew that someday the boys coming from small towns are going to have their own world tour.

2. NCT is the most multi-national group in Kpop

NCT members come from many countries in the world, from Asia to Europe. For example, Ten is from Thailand, Mark Lee Min Hyung comes from Cananda, Yuta is Japanese meanwhile Win Win, RenJun and Chenle are Chinese, Lucas comes from Hong Kong, Johnny is from USA. Moreover, the group also have many secret members coming from Mongolia, Indonesia,… Just with that number of nationalities, NCT becomes the most multi-national boygroup in Kpop. The selection of members from various countries also helps SM to raise NCT’s popularity in many nations such as: China, Japan, Thailand beside the traditional market – Korea.

3. Winner’s leader is also the youngest member of the group

This is such a “strange” case, in which the leader of Winner – Seung Yoon – is also the youngest member of the group. This male idol was born in 1994 while other members were born in 1993 or before. This is the typical example to prove that leadership and management skills are much more important than age in choosing the group’s leader.

Winner’s maknae is also the group’s leader, that’s surprising, right? And Winner members always love and respect each other!

4. TWICE is a non-visual group

If you have racked your brain to know who is the actual visual of TWICE, then you should stop thinking, as TWICE is a group that doesn’t have any visual. Simply because all members are so pretty and beautiful that PD Park Jin Young made the decisions to give the visual roles to all 9 girls!

It’s not Tzuyu, but all members of TWICE are the group’s visuals. Each member is beautiful like this, how can we choose one of them to be the group’s visual, right?

Each member is beautiful like this, how can we choose one of them to be the group’s visual, right?

5. T-ara is a girlgroup without a leader

Before taking the hiatus, T-ara was active with the members taking turns to be the leader, each member would be chosen as the leader for one year and then the role came to other members. That’s why T-ara has never been named in the lists of the best or the most talented leaders in Kpop. Despite this fact, T-ara’s method to manage the group is considered one of the most creative and flexible solutions in Kpop.

Apart from those interesting facts above, do you know any other fun facts that have not been mentioned about Kpop idol groups?

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