Soyeon is the second (G)I-DLE member accused of bullying in school but Knetz have the complete opposite reaction!

 After Soojin, Soyeon is the next (G)I-DLE member who was accused by a netizen of bullying at school.

 Currently, there is a surge in the Korean entertainment industry that exposes allegations of bullying by celebrities. Among the Kpop idols affected by the incident, Soojin ((G)I-DLE) is surrounded by the most controversies.  This has severely affected Soojin’s image as well as (G)I-DLE’s overall schedule.

 Despite Cube and the female idol’s denial of these allegations, posts denouncing Soojin are still constantly appearing. However, when the Soojin incident has not been settled yet, recently, the media reported that another member of (G)I-DLE, Soyeon has been accused by an anonymous Knet of bullying at school. 

After Soojin, Soyeon is the next (G)IDLE member who was accused by a netizen of bullying at school.

 On February 22, an anonymous Knet posted on an online forum claiming that she used to be verbally bullied Soyeon ((G)I-DLE).  Accordingly, netizen A said that he went to the same middle school as Soyeon and posted a photo of the female idol’s yearbook as evidence.

 At the beginning of the post, A wrote: ‘Do you remember what happened to me when you read this post Soyeon? I was hurt many times by your words. ‘

 Then A detailed an incident that happened between her and Soyeon.  A added that there were other incidents as well, but A emphasized that because of Soyeon’s bullying words, she even asked her parents to let her study abroad.

Soyeon is the second (G)IDLE member accused of bullying in school

 A recalls: ‘She said that since it was my birthday, I had an obligation to entertain everyone. And she kept asking me what I would buy for her.  There are many other incidents between us too… But I won’t write them down here.  I had a hard time because of you so I even asked my parents if I could study abroad. ‘

 A even said that she screenshotted all the messages as evidence but lost them when she switched phones.  A wrote: ‘I took screenshots of the messages we exchanged before but because of changing phones, I cannot find them again.  Even so, I will still attach a photo of the evidence in case it is said that I am just making things up. ‘

 At the end, A shares: ‘But I believe that even if I cannot publish them (*the messages), she will still have to pay for what she did. I still wish you success. I like seeing you perform on ‘Queendom’. ”

Soyeon is the second (G)IDLE member accused of bullying in school

 Neither the agency nor Soyeon responded to the allegations, but Knetz said they are not supposed to do so. According to Knetz, compared to Soojin’s case, Soyeon’s accusations sounded very cliché and completely devoid of any specific details. They assume that there are people who are misunderstanding ‘school bullying’ and ‘joking’ thinking that words like ‘You have to treat others on birthday’ are meant to be hurtful.

 After A’s post was published, many Knet criticized A for deliberately writing cliché accusations in order to follow the trend of accusing Kpop idols of school violence. Here are some comments from Knet:

 – She didn’t even state if she was beaten or cursed by Soyeon. What exactly did Soyeon do to be called a bully?

 – It seems that many people take bullying in school lightly, right?

 – Really funny accusation.

 – This is just a malicious comment, there is no denunciation.

 – I hate bullying at school but I’m still aware that not everything is bullying at school!

 – It’s right if Cube and Soyeon ignored it, it’s nonsense.

 – If you want people to believe you, give more details, but this sounds like you are making things up.

 – This is not the same as Soojin case.  Soojin had a lot of people denouncing, there are many details that coincide with what Soojin wrote in the post. But this case has no basis at all.

 – Cube ignore this, worry about solving the Soojin case!

Sources: tinnhac

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