Sowon (GFRIEND) and Chanwoo (iKON) will become a couple in new Horror Romantic Comedy “Chilling Co-Babitation”

Kim So Jung (Sowon) and iKON Chanwoo, two idols, will co-star in a new comedy that will delight Kpop fans.

On September 30, Korean media reported that two idols Kim So Jung (a.k.a Sowon) and Chanwoo will be starring in “Chilling Co-Habitation” (literal title), which is a cine-rama (the combination of cinema and drama, meaning that it will be produced as both a film and drama.

chilling co habitation

The cine-rama will reportedly be a horror romantic comedy about Jung Se-ri (played by Sowon) who has the ability to see ghosts, and Song Ji-chan (played by Chanwoo) who becomes a ghost.

Kim So Jung plays Jung Se Ri, a pleasant and cheerful figure who struggles to live with the ability to see ghosts. Song Ji Chan, played by Chanwoo, is a self-centered second-generation chaebol who is actually rather righteous. He becomes a ghost due to an accident, and his personality gradually becomes warmer after he meets Jung Se Ri.

Chilling Co-Habitation

Chilling Co-Habitation will be Sowon’s first project since the disbandment of K-pop girl group GFRIEND and her subsequent departure from her longtime label Source Music in May. “Although GFRIEND has officially ended, this is not the end for us,” she wrote in a letter addressing the disbandment.

The film also stars Kim Ye Ji, Lee Yoo Jin, Lee Joong Mun, Song Young Sook, Park Sang Hoo and Joo Soo Kyung. “Chilling Co-Habitation” will be initially released as a film in the first half of 2022 before the drama version is revealed via OTT services and YouTube.

Chilling Co-Habitation
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